With the hardest quest in the bestselling VRMMO game, Dragon Kings of the New World, only available to complete one night of the year, Sivlander and his friends get ready for one hell of a rough night….

Dragon Kings of the New World Trilogy

26th September 2017

The Star Dragon

When the real world is threatened, it’s up to the players in a virtual one to save it.

3rd November 2017

The Black Dragon

Mysteries abound as a dangerous game becomes deadly…

10th November 2017

The Iron Dragons

Can two fugitives beat a dragon at its own game … ?

The Grind

The Grind

One young woman hungers for status in a harsh, feudal future—but her greed could become her downfall.

In the desolate future city-state of Verre, King Leopold and his lords rule with absolute authority. There’s only one way for oppressed serfs to rise in rank: the MMORPG called ‘The Grind’. Once a year, players in this virtual game can fight for the opportunity to raise their standing by gathering as many points as possible. Peasants can become Nobles, Lords and, with enough skill, sometimes Kings…

Savannah “Savvy” deForge is a Grinder—the lowest of the low, who earns a living racking up points for players by “ghosting” them in the game. When a wealthy client named Timon comes calling, she sees him as her ticket out of the classless limbo of Grinder life.

But when her father vanishes into the game, Savvy will have to choose between the advancement she craves and reclaiming the one she loves. As virtual deaths start to become terribly real, Savvy realizes there is much more at stake than status, and it may be too late to save anyone, including herself.

The Grind is a 150,000 word, original LitRPG standalone with lovable characters, unputdownable battle scenes, awesome weapons and a big twist-finale.